About Tresser


Before becoming the author you know today, I was born in a small town in Virginia where my passion for writing started. Thinking this career wouldn’t happen for me, I went to college to get my Associates Degree in Computer Medical Administration. I did well for myself in the corporate world, I still felt unfulfilled. The day came where God sent an angel who saw my unhappiness and asked me what my passion was, which was writing. From them a fire was re-ignited in me and I haven’t look back since.

Determined to succeed, I self-published my first novel My Man’s Best Friend, which fell into the hands of New York Times bestselling author Carl Weber who took a chance and signed me to his company Urban Books. In 2012, the series my Man’s Best Friend came to pass. Two more books soon followed. In 2015 The Johnson Sister’s debut and in 2016 Big Girl’s Drama came out. I’ve also done some motivational speaking to teens regarding not giving up on your dreams and also teen suicide, which unfortunately, has played a part in my life.

Now under my own publishing company, Personify Publishing, I will be bring many more books to the masses. I also intend on doing more motivational speaking engagements, especially regarding teen suicide which is rarely spoken about in the African American community. God has given me a testimony and I want to use what has happened in my life to help others. The year 2017 is my year to “Jump”. It’s never too late to go for your dreams.

God Bless.