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I’ve heard people saying if they could only walk in my shoes. So many look at an individual thinking they got it like that, that their life is absolutely amazing and with everything they have, there is no reason for them to be unhappy. Yeah, right. Seriously? Everyone and I mean everyone has issues. For instance, Beyoncé. She’s a talented, gifted, beautiful woman with the world at her fingertips. Yet, some drama in her life has been played out in the media, which I’m pretty sure she didn’t want to happen. Who wants their marriage scrutinize or lies being told just to make a story better. Even though she has so much, I know she’s also had moments where she wished the world would just leave her alone and let her be happy with her husband, her child, and her friends and family. In a sense, she may want a moment of normal back. What is normal? Normal is our everyday. Work, family, home, love but without the cameras and the media hiding in wait to find something to write.


Be happy in the shoes God has fitted for you and you only. What is for you cannot be taken and as much as many wish they could be Beyoncé, that is the blessing and the shoes God has for her. We need to find our own. So whether your shoes are Christian Louboutin or shoes from a dollar store, be happy with what has been given. You are here for reason in the shoes you have been purposed for. We all have one. Delve into the depth of who you are and find your gift. Don’t wait for those new shoes to come to you. Like Beyonce, work towards your better and pray for God’s guidance. And always give thanks for the shoes that have been given to you. All any of us want is to be happy, health, and content with the blessings God has bestowed upon us. So never wish for anyone shoes because they weren’t fitted for you in the first place.

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